Monday, October 25

Alex Folzi Collaboration

A special collaboration Project with Canadian clothing company Alex Folzi.
"Let our luxury define us..." Please visit to see more!

I want to thank Alex Folzi for giving me such an opportunity to model the New Collection of Briefcases for their website and blog. Here are some of the photographs taken by my good photographer friend Carly Krebs. Here I am featuring the Grey Canvas Case also found on their website. *More photos coming soon with Yellow, and Black Leather suit cases!


  1. This outfit is so cool! You look amazing, and the pictures are just fabulous!

  2. these are great shots!

  3. amazing! wish I could do something like this too, but I think my blog is still a little bit less famous!

  4. Wow amazing pictures you have here! love it! Great style too

  5. AMazing as always...

    love it.

  6. @TheMen'sSide thank you so much Adam! your amazing!

  7. @T.Rose! thank you for your kind words! your beautiful doll

  8. @annierama aww! i like your blog too!! <3 thanks for the kind words

  9. @Bub thanks!! I'll be sure to check out your blog too!

  10. @Jerome your too kind for words, your such an amazing person! thanks so much! <3

  11. @Violetta E. Thank you so much for checking out my blog! it means soo much coming from my favorite lookbook user! & i evny your blog! <3 much love from Bobby! xooxo

  12. Omg you are soooooooooooooooooo cool=D
    love your outfits. and blablabla hahahxD
    but really, nice pictures=))



  13. @Lok-yinLok-yin wow! you are too amazing for words!! thanks a bunch! <3

  14. hahaha thank you=D
    but you are amezing=D

  15. wow, I love both the outfit and the location!You have a great style :D
    check out our fashion illustrations at :)

  16. oh cool, i just got offered one of these if i promote the company through an outfit post on my blog. i think i may get the green one :) the photos look great!

  17. I've just discovered your blog! I love it! You've got a new fan :)

  18. I really love your style!! You're great.
    If you want, you can take a look at my blog.

  19. That's a pretty dope suitcase. Awesome pics!

  20. I've just been looking through your old posts and mister, I'm having a serious style crush on you!

  21. Bobby,, a Canadian website about fashion, art, and culture, would like to feature an article about you in their blogger spotlight section. Please email me at and I'll send over some quick questions for you to answer.


  22. Now you're the only boy in my blog list cause your outfits really inspire!


  23. Love your blog and your style! We are two girls and we love fashion and photography, you've got a news followers! This is oue blog:

    If you like it, follow us! ;)
    Best whises!


  24. I just found your blog and you definitely have your own style! Great pictures too! +1 follower!

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