Saturday, November 27

Dea✝h No✝e

This next look is inspired by a series called "DeathNote" which I've been watching online. I thought it would be interesting to play a character from the show named Light. He basically finds this sacred book which allows him to become a killer. When writing the name and the cause of death of his victims in the book they miraculously come true. He slowly becomes smarter, and more evil. What gave me the idea of this look was when I spotted an apple in the Cafeteria on the way outside. I instantly remembered how the "Shinigami" (God of Death) loves apples. You can't see him but he's right behind me...


  1. Amazing Look!

  2. great outfit, I particularly like the card detailing down the left of your jeans.
    L x

  3. my friend is a big fan of "Death note", she can go on and on talking about it:)
    Bobby, the photos are awesome, they just look impressive:)
    I like your blog, I'm following now:)

  4. @Doni thank you so much appreciating the comments! <3

  5. @Lotti im so glad that you like my card pants, it means so much and makes me so happy to hear that someone likes my DIY creations! <3

  6. @Sasha wow!! thanks so much!!! <3 you're too kind! I will for sure check out and follow your blog as well!

  7. wow, I ♥ Death note and I ♥ this outfit! amazing series, you have captured the spirit really well.


    Sonja /

  8. Sooooooooooooo freaking awsome!!
    Saw it on lookbook(:

  9. @slept wow thanks so much! im happy to hear that i had accomplished playing the role well. thanks! <3

  10. @Lok-yinLau thank you so much dear!! <3

  11. @Violetta thank you for checking out my blog! your so kind! <3 ily beautiful

  12. You are ridiculously handsome. Amazing styling also. It's a shame boys like you don't exist where I live haha.

    Keep it up!

  13. @Marina wow thanks so much! it means a lot <3 i hope you meet some boys with great fashion sense soon!

  14. I really like this, i wish i could hype it twice or even more ^^


  15. @Jerome awww thanks :) haha that would be nice! <3 your amazing thanks for checking out my blog! xoxo

  16. Wow hun! You have an amazing blog! Love your looks - following now ;)

  17. aw.. i love death note. well, even though the story ended that way, its pity how light's girlfriend dead in his hand in that way... :D

    my favorite character was L. he was superb..
    i wonder why even though he ate chocolate all the time and keep on being skinny?? lol


  18. love death note so much! never wacth the anime, but i watched the real movie, and L! absolutely my fav :D u just like "western L" hahah lol

    last but not least : i hope u want to visit my blog too :D

  19. This is a cool idea. Loove what you are wearing, and nice shots with the apple pics. :D

  20. wow, amazing. Great outfit

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