Tuesday, September 14

Dressed for a Day in the Desert

As the air becomes colder and the sun begins to set, we make this the summer something to remember...

It's been quite a while since I've last posted. (I know, i know I'm sorry!) I just moved to the City of Toronto to study Fashion Arts. Exciting as it sounds? It's been very hard work. I hardly remember what it feels like to breath. My lifestyle becomes different as I am living in a residence filled with all kinds of students. Although It doesn't quite feel like home, I've been hanging out with my good friend Emily Santi who also lives on campus. Together we enjoy dressing up, going to wild frosh parties and taking pictures when the sun sets. I also credit her for lending me toothpaste and any other embarrassing things I might have forgotten at home. Their has been a party or school event pretty much every day, and well... this is the very first day I can just lay on my bed and write on my blog. I wish you could see the view from my room. (It looks the best at night.) The Airport, The School and the cityscape lights. Its almost as I've seen an airplane every five minutes. I find it beautiful and calming. (Btw I am not going off topic with these photos. Believe it or not but I took these photos just across the street.) So my theme and inspiration comes from Back to school, End of summer, Random Adventures and Plaid all in one direction! Hope you like it! Be inspired and have a wonderful semester! P.S. another special thanks to all the crazy cool people on my floor helping me out with anything I need. Ryan, Adam, Matt, Ben, and Especially Dylan & Nick for teaching me new photoshop skills! If you noticed? Feedback!! Leave me a comment or some love! xoxo -Bobby



  1. Beautiful pictures! You both look great. And I really REALLY love your outfit.


  2. AMAZING photos , Honestly I'd miss your post's :p You look so cute *-* And the girl is gorgeous ;)

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