Friday, August 27

Dressed for a Road Trip

Don't you just hate flipping through the radio and hearing the worst songs? This song is a classic example of something that should have never existed.

Do you have any road trip stories or memories of really bad songs from the past? please do share! :D I would love to hear from you all! -Bobby


  1. i had to check out your blog. i love your style. you're insanely cool. following. :)

    kathi folds five

  2. @kathi eric :) wow thanks so much, and i'll be sure to check out yours!

  3. I absolutely love it as I've already said in lookbook *-* First time your photography is amazing and you look so cute . And your outfit is to die for , rocking everything dear :)

  4. you look absolutely gorgeous! :)

  5. I never really went on a road trip but I just had a graduation trip to Koh Samui and the "song of the trip" was Tik Tok - Kesha. Bad enough? HA! By the way I found your blog on lookbook and loved this outfit! Great style!And from the looks of it, I like that van!!
    follow me? following you

  6. Ahhhhh I love this entire look!!! You are going to have so much fun with all of the turbans in Rexdale!! Yay

  7. this is the best look i have seen in a really long time! perfect for a roadtrip!

    We once had a roadtrip where a friend rode the whole way in the trunk of the car, and he fell asleep in it! that was pretty insane!


  8. the car is really great!
    and your pics, too :))

  9. This is waaay past but I thought I should still share...

    I went a raod trip with my family (bad idea to begin with) to NYC. We stopped at Burger King and my little sis (8) buys one of those Oreo ice-cream things. A little while later, she starts crying because her ice-cream got spilled. Trying to 'console' her I say:

    "It's okay, Monica. Life will go on."

    My dad - "Don't you dare tell her life will go on...."

    He probably didn't mean it that way since I wasn't trying to keep the sarcasm out of my voice when I told her life would go on. Needless to say, that was and always will be the 'golden moment' of a rather gloomy road trip. haha

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