Sunday, August 22

Dressed to be a Vampire

Inspired from the movie Twilight, my good friend Siobhan Mortimer idea-ed to recreate a vampire themed photo shoot with me. Although I've done many vampire photo shoots in the past this one is intriguing as we decided to go by a cemetery by an old school. It was a challenge for me to channel the rebel look. I strive to look dead inside as Siobhan tells me "think about my dead cat that just got hit by a car" as I burst out in laughter. I thought she was just just joking; Turns out it she was actually being serious. FML! Anyways!... I hope you like the photos. I truly wanted to share my art as my instincts tell me it was time. feedback? much love -Bobby


  1. I like these photos (:
    Its a change, change to better! (:

  2. I like it. Accidentally, I've got a post for today inspired by Twilight too !! :)

  3. @Alexander L thank you man! i'll always up for changing my look! especially on the mood or weather lol :p

  4. @Theonlyfashionprincess thank you!! i will be sure to visit your blog too!

  5. thank you. :) i was already following you with google friend connect. I'm looking forward to see your next posts! you've great style AND you're very pretty:D xoxo

  6. awwee!! Bobby Cullen <3.. u look a WOOW here!! love all photos.. ur lip and skin, awwe!! vampire indeed!!

    Glory Anastasia

  7. Love your jacket!Searching for one like that:)))
    follow if u like

  8. @LiLucH awwe thank hun!! ahah you know it took a lot of work to get this pale ahha >_>
    god bless! <3

  9. @Eden thanks!!! :) i will be sure to check out your blog next! p.s try value village i randomly found this gem for 3.99 ! perfect for the fall! :D

  10. very nice blog!
    love the pics! hype hype hype!
    take also a look at mine and maybe we can becmoe blogfriends :)?

  11. Last photo is really beautiful. I send "like" from the Czech Republic.

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I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby