Monday, August 23

Dressed to have a Garage Sale!

One thing that's best about summer in my town is that everyone likes to have garage sales, and it was the perfect occasion to have one considering i was preparing on moving out for college. I have a lot of old clothes and random goodness to ditch, and there's nothing I wanted more than to find them the right home. I had created a sidewalk sale to display my merch and was happy to see how easily it attracted people. (I think it was my balloons & chihuahua)

Special thanks goes to my best friend Rachelle who has helped me greatly with running the garage sale. I swear she is an angel sent from above and is always by my side whenever I'm in need of help. I love to see her smile because it makes me warm inside. Thank you for the best summer! I had so much fun pretending to be gypsies, playing piano, going to the lake and jumping off the dock, concerning fears and also tying my shoe laces.
friends 4ever k? xoxo


  1. You are freakin fabulous, I want to ransack your outdoor closet please!

  2. are you famous, i know this is totally weird n creepy... but you look sooo familiar like i've seen you in a magazine or something...

  3. Rachelle is a very sweet girl. I love your blog and your chihuahua! :)
    I'll follow you!

  4. omg bobby, i've been trying to have a garage sale for ageeees but i just don't live in the right area of town! the only people who would show up are like old chinese grandparents :(

  5. @Natural did you really see my face around in magazines? i've only been in one for American apparel, one called shopper in Beijing, and cliche magazine. any of those ring a bell for you my dear?

  6. @Francesca C thank you so much! i will follow your blog too <3

  7. Hey Dani!!! :D i'm glad i got another comment from you. That is unfortunate you haven't been able to have a garage sale :( perhaps betting things will come around? which subway station is near yours? i think i'm in the north area. i haven't found out yet lol

  8. Great idea. In my country, something like this could not be. I hope that you sold a lot:)
    Follow you

  9. I really want a garage sale myself, but I think something like that isn't possible here.. too bad! But I like you did it! Hope you sold a lot. Great outfit, btw! :)

  10. wowwww lol your blog is amazing ! love the way you dressed, even for a garage sale ! awesome

  11. You're AMAZING!
    I saw you on the Lookbook and I love your outfits!

  12. One of the most divine looks ever *-* Im glad that it appeared on the hot page because thats high :) Anyway your a sweetie and I Love your blog so you win a new follower :) Keep the good job honey

    XX MaryWhitney

  13. Your sale looked so colourful and inviting from what i can see in your photos :)
    Really loving the feel of your blog!
    and also many thanks for following my blog.
    Hope all is well.

  14. I wish i could have been at that yardsale... Where are you going to school? i am Applying to colleges as we speak

  15. Do you any online shop, i want to get some of your stuffs =)

    Man that's a lot of clothes =)

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