Tuesday, July 3

LD West

When it comes to fashion accessories, I'm always on the hunt for something new, and recently I've noticed holsters making their way into men's streetwear style. 

I discovered LD West, an immersing brand from Toronto, Canada, while seeing some other local bloggers and stylish locals represent their awesome creations.

The concept came from the discomfort of of having a wallet and cellphone in our pockets, especially when sitting down. Finding a creative and trendy new way to keep our phones and wallets safe especially when were always on the go.

What I love most about their brilliant designs is their innovative way to mix practicality with a stylish design and versatile functions.

I'm wearing the black cell phone leather shoulder holster which you can find directly at this link.

If you're thinking about rocking one too I've got my own personalized discount code where you can save 10% off on holster sets over 90$. Use promo code "bobby" at checkout. Valid till the end of July. Thanks for stopping by and have a nice week!


  1. They know what is happening but are to chickenshit do stop it.


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