Wednesday, December 20

Outfit posts with Stitch's Jeans

I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair jeans while being unique, affordable and made with quality construction. What I found impressed me the most about Stitch's Jeans was the details on the moto taper jeans. Made in a printed camo twill darkened to the perfect degree for a very settle effect that can be paired with many different outfits. Check out Stitch's Jeans for more rustic styled jeans stitched to perfection.

Thursday, December 14

12 Days of Grey Goose Giving

 As Christmas is around the corner I've been looking for the perfect gift that can me shared with all of my friends and family during this holiday break. Last weekend Grey Goose had taken over the LCBO Pop-Up on 600 King street for some exclusive holiday gifts, tasting experiences and complimentary drinks. As my friend Kat had just gotten back from a trip I wanted to surprise her with a luxurious Grey Goose holiday tube as we will be spending the festivities together. I've been getting some drink inspiration from the Grey Goose cocktail recipe library so I'll be ready for the upcoming holiday parties. Grey Goose is made with the finest French ingredients and created extraordinary cocktails for the ultimate holiday soiree. From classic to contemporary which one is your favourite Grey Goose cocktail?

Monday, December 4

My Top 10 Holiday Gifts (that I want but most likely won't be getting this year)

I don't normally make a Christmas list but I thought why not do a few cliché things this year considering most else is muted and untraditional.

Let's get real- I simply wanted to share some of the things that have been in my radar in a non-sponsored post.  because if you like my taste then maybe you can get some of these for yourself or for some other handsome fella in your life. 

Even though I've been a really good boy this year, I most likely won't be getting any of these for Christmas because I've got some bills to pay which unfortunately should come first. So on that very positive note let's get started!!!