Monday, May 8

Vine Vera Men's Collection

It can be a bit of a struggle waking up early on a Monday for some of us. That's why I say Monday's are for masking. And when it comes to looking good and feeling fresh, skincare has been at the top of my priority list. We all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while to a nice mask! I've been trying out the Vine Vera Men's collection packed full of antioxidants from resveratrol, which is found in the skin of red grapes. What makes the Resveratrol Men's Sauna Energizing Mask quite unique is that is has a heating effect when mixed with water and applied to the skin. Formulated using the most luxurious ingredients such as Resveratrol Ferment extract, vitamins A (Retinyl Palmitate), C (Ascorbic Acid) & E (Tocopheryl Acetate) derivatives, along with Aloe extract. You can also use the Resveratrol Men’s Sauna Serum in combination with mask he help enhance the heating effect and to achieve greater results. Taking care of your skin now means wrinkle-free skin later on. And with this mask will help you achieve a radiant, fresh and youthful looking skin. This post is in sponsorship with Vine Vera as they asked me to try out some of their products. I really enjoyed the experience when using them and they left my skin feeling healthier looking. I'll be sure to follow up with these products while including them into my skincare routine. I plan on taking them on vacation with me next week and treating myself to a nice relaxing mask in the hotel room. This post was supported by Shopping Links


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