Wednesday, May 3

The coast closest to you

Lately I've been using my newest backpack from Bubba Bags which is designed for an on-the-go lifestyle.  It's quite light weight, and I like that it's also practical with a minima design. During this Spring and it's unpredictable rainy days this bag has been quite a lifesaver while being made with water resistant polyester material, especially when carrying my laptop in it's sleeve. Incase you were wanting to get one for yourself you're welcome to use a discount code I created which will give you 20% off when using the code: 20TACOS at check out. I also styled my hair with the new Meraki by BluMaan and it has been one of the best styling products I've used for my hair. It gives me total control with a matte finish which is exactly the look I've been going for. I'm also wearing a pair of shoes from the new Spring collection over at GUESS. I love the new Jence style as they are quite sophisticated and they can be both dressed up and down depending on the rest of your outfit. You'll be sure to see a lot more ways to style these items as they've quickly become some of my favourites this season. Thanks for stopping by! Till next time! -Bobby


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