Tuesday, February 28

Spring Neutrals

This month I've really been into neutral hues inspired by the desert sands. I've been collecting and reorganizing my wardrobe to become more simplistic, when it comes to the colours. While using basics and similar colours it's become a lot easier to incorporate layering into my daily looks. I recently got a new pair of joggers and this classic buttoned tee shirt from Bluenotes. I have the same joggers in three different colours now because they are the really comfortable and the fit is ideal. I've recently redefined my personal style and I'm really excited to share the process with you on here. I'm really excited that the weather is slowly getting warmer and the days getting noticeably longer. They say that hope blooms in Spring. It brings me more motivation to dress nicer and more enjoyable to take pictures outside. So I'm sure you'll be seeing more from me soon!  Have a great week everyone! Till next time -Bobby


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