Tuesday, January 31

Active x Bluenotes

It's the perfect time of year to cut any bad habits out of our lives and replace them with positive goals to accomplish. I like to train myself to have productive hobbies and good habits that bring out the best in me.  It's hard to get out there in the Winter and have an active lifestyle; but now that Spring is around the corner we can look forward to getting more physical. I've really been into a greyish and neutral colour palette this month while also wearing comfortable and classic looking outfits. It's nice to dress for comfort as well as function, especially on cold and busy days. This entire outfit is from Bluenotes including the sweater which is part of their latest Active x Bluenotes collection.  Which ever holiday or occasion you've got coming up, they've got you covered. It's time to get into shape because Summer is going to arrive before you know it -and we all want to be ready for the beach. Do something that your future self with thank you for; you won't regret it. Have a good week everyone and thanks for stopping by! -Bobby

Tuesday, January 10

Different Ways to wear VENQUE

When I first saw the Breifpack by VENQUE I immediately knew it would be the most perfect travel accessory for me. It has a very adventurous design with many convenient and practical compartments for someone who's always on the go. What's the most interesting feature about this bag is that it's convertible in three different styles. As seen in the photos I've been mostly using it as a backpack, but it may also be used like a briefcase or shoulder bag. Depending on your destination it really becomes the most ideal bag to carry all of your accessories in the most practical way. It's also to perfect size for a flight carry on accessory and I cannot wait to take it on my next trip. The VENQUE brand has been founded by Canadian-based brothers Viktor and Simon. Created with the some of the top quanta fabrics focusing on durability as a main priority while being water and dust repellent, anti-scratch, high-density, and stain resistant. Styling the Briefpack becomes quite easy as most of my wardrobe is based around neutrals and muted tones. I'm a big fan of fashion that focuses on practicality and function because to me that's the main priority.