Monday, October 31

The Olympians

Every year I like to get involved in some sort of Halloween group shoot with a few of my friends and not only design a costume for myself but for the entire group. This year I wanted to do something simple that I could make with things laying around the house. Gold spray paint, pack of feathers, hot glue gun and I was set! Olympian inspired costume with a Versace inspired pair of briefs. I was having the most fun making the winged gauntlet arm cuffs that were actually really surprisingly comfortable to wear. The shoulder armour was also inspired by the Paco Rabanne Olympea fragrance ad. As a finishing touch I included a piece of old curtain fabric keeping me super warm during the cold and windy weather conditions. Art directing and all the golden accessories were created by me. Special photography help from my friend Tanner and my sister Alicia. My friend Melynda Moon being super crafty put her outfit together in 30 minutes of time while wrapping and knotting pieces of fabric around creating a top. I found a dress at a thrift store for Lisa to wear, and also sprayed the wings gold for Kyle. There couldn't have been a more perfect location other than Bernardi PreCast located on Elizabeth street in Guelph. Overall the shoot turned out absolutely amazing and it couldn't have gone better! Thanks for check out my blog today!! Happy Halloween and can't wait to see everyone else's costumes!! Much love! -Bobby


  1. wow, that's so great! I love these costumes :) Happy Halloween :)

  2. for halloween?
    I bet you'll be the eye centre haha

  3. The outfits, the theme, the location, the whole shoot looks pretty amazing.
    So happy I discovered your blog.


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