Thursday, April 23


m1What I'm Wearing:
Dots Silk Knit Tie: Eton
Rose Classic Tie Bar: Eton
Ranger Hat: East Dane
It was the first day of Fashion Week here in Mexico City and it's been quite different to the other ones that I've been too in Toronto and New York. I thought that the space was really cool and well decorated with flowers pretty much everywhere for the Guess Fashion show. I really liked the Fall Winter 2015 collection because a lot of the pieces had really nice exaggerated embellishments and details which I never really noticed before when I went shopping in the Guess stores. The  overall looks were really well put together and I really liked all the minor details. I was also really happy to see some menswear looks, especially an all denim look which we like to call the "Canadian Tuxedo". I was very much inspired by that look specifically and was really fascinated by the distressed look of the denim. At the end of the show the confetti drops, all models in their bras and everyone begins to talk. Overall it was a versatile show that had pieces for all types of occasions. It was such a cool experience and the after party was really great as well! I cannot complain about another open bar and all you can eat macaroons!  That's about it for today. Thanks for stopping by, till next time!~
-Bobby Raffin
Photos of me: Henry Evia


  1. I love this post, you look great!

  2. perfect!
    hope you had great time there!

  3. Oh Bobby! You're always an inspiration! If you get a second, I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts about my last post!


  4. I love your outfit :3 hope you enjoyed the fashion show !

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