Monday, April 20

Getting lost and Eating more food.

g13Today was a rather more spontaneous day than others. While scrolling through instagram earlier in the afternoon I noticed that fellow blogger Gil from Paper Heart was also visiting Coyocan which is where I'm staying. He came from Mexicali and only for a few days so it's just our luck that we decided to make plans and meet that day. While running over to the Frida Kohlo Museum I became quite exhausted and make a rather sweaty and out of breath first impression. It was funny because shortly after I needed to get a sandwich because I'm always hungry and Gil got some ice cream. After chatting over beers we decided to go meet some of his friends for some dancing and it was a lot of fun! That's about it today! Thanks for checking out my blog~ and don't forget to see Gil's blog for his side of the story~
Till next time! -Bobby


  1. Cool look

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  2. you have much fun!

  3. Gil has nice shirt =) and it's great to see you have a great time in Mexico =)


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