Tuesday, November 11

The Bug Catcher!

metapod7Hey guys! I know Halloween's been long over but I promised I'd post the rest of my bug catcher costume, I just haven't had much time because I've been working full time and after creating six different Halloween costumes and photo shoots I didn't want anything to do with it! Hah Well just in case you wanted to see some more funny photos here they are below! I had a lot of fun taking these photos with my friend Monica with all the crazy expressions! After spending nearly a week making this metapod I've been so urging to play the new Pokemon game so maybe I'll buy it when it gets too cold to leave my house. More text below on the costume details. Thanks again for checking out my blog. With love, Bobby
metapod4metapod2metapod6metapod5metapod1"Metapod, quick use harden!"metapod3It's my final and official Halloween #spookbook costume for year!
I worked really hard on creating this rock hard Metapod out of paper mache.
I'm the pesky bug catcher who's Metapod only knows harden! Even though my highly levelled 42 Metapod is still in cocoon form I refuse to evolve it after growing such an everlasting bond with it. Even if it means harden will be it's only command I accept it for all that it is! I'm basically the worst Pokemon trainer to walk the grass of Kanto. Forever be hardened for I am unstoppable!!!


  1. You look so cute Bobby! I think each and every one of your costume outfits were awesome! Great photography too! :)

  2. Super cute spookbook shots! You sure are one creative person, Bobby!


  3. Haha very funny shooting, Bobby :D
    It made me smile! :)
    The focus is most of the time a bit off, but still the pictures and especially the idea is awesome! :)
    Keep it up!

    All the best

  4. love it!!!


  5. So cool. :) I used to be so crazy about pokémon when I was a kid!

  6. Loving the boots!!!!!


  7. haha your portrait pic smiling with the "fish" is so beautiful
    enjoy my new burgundy look!


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