Friday, October 31


It was a pretty last minute and random idea to make a Vaporeon costume from Pokemon. One night I was finishing making the bird mask for my previous costume and then I got a little too carried away. I made a collar piece out of cardboard paper and then painting it blue and white with some glitter. Lastly I just used some of my regular day clothing to complete the look. Luckily I had a turquoise blazer and some mermaid like pants! That's about it! I painted some poke balls out of styrofoam balls that I found at the dollarstore and then brought them along. They are also a going to be a part of my official Halloween costume which I will be sharing with you guys shortly! I hope you like it! Stay tuned and Happy Halloween!!!


  1. booby i loved it *w*
    I love vaporeon. ♥ i love all the diferent types of evolutions that that like squirrel can became.
    God i really loved your costume.
    Happy hallowend and enjoy the party
    hugs :9

  2. Such a great get up! Love the location too

  3. So creative B"!! I 'm huge fan of pokemon too :3

  4. I love everything, especially the creativity! Oh, and I love the turqoise hue of your outfit!



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