Thursday, March 6

Paisley in Paradise

What I'm Wearing:
Paisley Printed Shirt: Sur Club 1976 (Stark Street)
Fitted Blazer: Rose Wholesale

I've been away from the online world for almost a week now. I sincerely apologize for that, but the reason was because I was staying at the lovely Villa del Palmar Resort in Cancun. I've been waiting 3 months since I've arrived Mexico to enjoy this luxury experience in paradise, and it all went by so fast! There was wifi in the lobby but I wanted to relax and be away from the internet for once in my life. I spent most of the time swimming in the pools and tanning. I don't know if you notice but I look a little burnt in these pictures haha. I just got this new paisley button up by Sur Club 1976 from an online store called Stark Street Clothing and it has a very great fit and feel to it. It's definitely something different from my usual style but I felt like stepping outside of my comfort zone and of course the shirt is very fitting for the occasion. Another new item that I've been in love with are these Signature Vintage Black Jeans by Nana Judy. When it comes to pants I absolutely have terrible luck because of my lanky awkward legs, but for some reason these ones make me feel confidence and actually flatter my figure. I've got like maybe 50 pairs of jeans and there is something off about each and every one of them, but for once I think I may have found the actual perfect pair to not complain about. That's about it for today! Thanks for checking out my blog! -Bobby


  1. Wonderful place, we envy you!
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    If we arrive to 200clicks, we can win the clothes, thanks!!!

  2. really fresh outfit! i saw it on instagram, i like the shirt with the prints

    nice post...Greets Jon

  3. holiday holiday! fit outfit! even for business trip too hahaha

  4. OMG i didn't know you're still in México!! how cool enjoy all you can, if you need any advice on mexican food or something i can surely give you mine!!!

    Keep rockin your looks!!

  5. luv your paisley shirt and blazer!
    simply chic!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  6. wonderful <33

  7. I hope you are having a good time :D Enjoy your last week Bobby <3

  8. great shirt, nice look :)
    check out our blog too :)

  9. Can't you take me there too? Oh, the shirt is simply adorable, I have one that looks like it, but in darker shade of color than yours. Oh, and you look good as always, Bobby! ;)


  10. Oww I love that you still in México <3, great outfit once again :)


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