Wednesday, February 19

Ready for a music festival

What I'm Wearing:
Graphic Tee: Coachella
Plaid Shirt: H&M
Dreamcatcher: Chellmy Jewellery
Bleached Harem: Sammy Dress
Shoes: H&M

I got this shirt last year at Coachella. It was such an amazing memory. I really wish that I can go again this year! Anyone else planning on going?


  1. amazing necklace!! look so confortable!!! love it!

  2. Your vintage fashion is good!!

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  3. I like the pants!

  4. I´d like to go so much. but it´s quiet far away, so maybe next year!

  5. My expectation of this dress was not high. However, when I received it in the mail and tried it on, it completely blew me away! It was so beautiful and figure flattering.


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