Thursday, February 27

Finally arriving to Ik Kil

I said I was going to visit Ik Kil and I finally did! It was a bit of a journey because...
it was farther than most cenotes that were near the hostel that we were staying in the city. It was a bit of a challenge because we had to walk back to the bus station and take a particular bus for about 45 minutes. We almost didn't go because we were told bad things by another group who were staying at the hostel. They said that they got there around 12 and it was flooded with tourists and it had ruined the experience for them. I promised myself I would go regardless of any condition and decided that if we went earlier in the morning there would be less people. That was totally true because when we arrived there was probably about 8-10 people taking photos when we arrived at 10:30. We were lucky enough to snap some photos without any people in the background which I'm really thankful for, but as soon as 12  o'clock rolled around a swarm of tourists dashed over carelessly body checking anyone who was in there way to take their selfies. These tourists weren't just normal ones, they were shamelessly whipping out their iphones and snapping selfies like it was their last day alive! I complete understand because I was in the same situation as them but it was quite an annoying sight to see and was very distracting from the surrounding environment. I'm really glad that I was able to get my photos before most people had arrived or else I would have been uber embarrassed and just as stressed. Hahah anyways, we spent most of that time actually in the water away from the crowd of people. I got to jump about 10 times though I was quite disappointed at the small height of the jumping platforms here. They weren't very thrilling compared to the other one that was at cenote Zaci which I must mention was also a fraction of the entrance fee. Overall I think this place was the most beautiful and I totally recommend going to it, however if I could just chose to go to one cenote I would most definitely chose San Lorenzo Oxman because it was about the same shape but with way less annoying people around. There was also way too many rules and signs plopped everywhere that it seemed less cultured and lacked that genuine authentic experience. Some of the other cenotes definitely had less signs. That's about it for now!! Thanks a lot for reading! Till next time! -Bobby


  1. awesome place!
    thank you for sharing this place

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. beautiful place and pics

  3. Wow, these locations! It´s awesome how you pick your locations and your story behind it. xx

  4. Awww what a beautiful photos! Love it! ♥

    Stray Alley

  5. Beautiful photos! Amazing post bobby xx

  6. wow!
    thats soo great!

  7. awesooome place!!!


  8. Super awesome pics :)
    Over cool outfit

  9. lovely

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    greetings from hong kong

  10. Super cool! Great pics, need a holiday soo badly!


  11. amazing photos!

  12. This is such an inspiring atmosphere… Dreamin' of being there too


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