Tuesday, February 25

Fearless Adventure

Graphic Tee: Pray For Paris

It was my first time going to Yucatan to see the cenotes and it was absolutely an incredible experience! There were so many different cenotes in Valladolid and I was able to go to two different ones in one day. The first cenote was called Zaci and it was located in the heart of the city. When I first arrived, I noticed there was a pretty big cliff to jump from which was pretty temping. It had to be one of the biggest jumping platforms that looked safe enough to jump from. I'm glad I caught a few photos of it happening though they were unfortunately blurry. This cenote has a diameter of 150 feet and 260 feet deep, which explains why the water was soo dark but also clear when the sun had shined directly overhead you can see how clear and deep it was. The second cenote was San Lorenzo Oxman which was surprisingly pretty much empty! I totally recommend this one because it's pretty private compared to some of the other ones. My favourite thing about this one was the rope which you could swing from and into the water! It was very relaxing and also thrilling at the same time. It was a bit darker than the first one but that is because it's deeper in the ground. It's also very fascinating for it's circular shape. That's about it for now! There will be many more adventures and photos coming shortly! Till next time!! -Bobby


  1. That's amazing! I wish I could experience something that crazy and fun!


  2. OMG!!!! amazing pictures!,I love it!, you're definitely too great!

  3. such a great post!!!! amazing pictures! beautiful scenery!

  4. Wow, that place is so coool! :) I really want to go there! And your outfit is great as well, not unimportant.. ;)

  5. Amazing pics Bobby, like the tee!


  6. wow this is sooo perfect!!!!


  7. La camiseta es genial, tiene un gran estilo. BS

  8. i love your travel blog posts! :)

  9. I thought your back was full of tattoos from the dashboard pic..lol.

    What a great adventure! I have never went outside of U.S. ever since coming here from South Korea, Yucatan looks amazing so far!

    xoxo, K.Lee

  10. This place is stunning!!WOW!!
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  11. Amazing photos!!!!! O.O!!!!


  12. wow wow, wonderful :xx


  13. amazing photos!!!

  14. perfect !


  15. These pics make me wanna scream my lungs out!


  16. Amazing photos!! xx


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