Saturday, December 7

Wonder Emporium

What I'm Wearing:
Fitted Blazer: YesStyle, Winter Sweater: Gypsy Sale.
Spaceman Backpack: JumpFromPaper, Brown Boots: H&M

I just got this new single button dark green blazer from YesStyle and the fit of it is perfect. I also love the detachable badge that makes a lovely and unique detail. Paired with a winter sweater that is also available on Gypsy Sale. I'm more than excited to finally receive my new Spaceman backpack from JumpFromPaper. It's part of the new 2014 collection that just launched! Those are some lovely items you can get your hands on during that holidays that would make some great gift ideas. I was doing a little bit of Christmas window shopping downtown myself! Have a great weekend all!! Miss you lots! -Bobby


  1. haha awwww the beanie is just so adoooorable :D

  2. I had to look the bag up to make sure it wasn't fake and drawn in.
    Totally awesome! Great outfit and hat too :)

  3. amazing bag!

  4. in the beginning, I thought you drew this backpack into your picture.
    but it really looks like this. damn crazy :D
    I really like your blog and your creativity. --> following you!

  5. Perfect outfit! Love the jump from paper bag eeee! x

  6. The bag looks like a knock off. The original JumpFromPaper bag has orange shoulder straps, not white. Also the proportions look different than the original. So does the color.

  7. This is what the bag should look like:

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I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby