Saturday, November 23

Rural World

What I'm Wearing:
Camper Pelotas Shoes: Camper, Mustard Socks: Richer Poorer, Movember Fitted Cap: Electric VisualDark Stardust Tee: Universal Pixel,
Color Block Backpack: Electric Visual, Smiley Carved Necklace: Chellmy Jewellery, Leather Buckled Belt: Electric Visual,
Synthetic Raccoon Tail: Bang On! Plaid Flannel: Thrifted, Winter Vest: The Black Market

Some lovely new items that I got this morning to feature for the season! Wearing some today!

The weather has been so strange these days. -I could scream and shout to the sky and ask why must this be. The last bit of light leaves the sky about 4:30, and then it gets depressing from then on. I think to myself, how did I live here for all my years? It's about time for once that I escape this country before I get frost bit in the butt. I little secret to say, I got an early Christmas present spill. My mom got me a flight ticket to Mexico City for the winter!  I've never been before and I couldn't be more thrilled! Then I'll be going to Cancun and won't be returning until mid March. Looks like I'll be dodging that frozen bullet after all! I'm so excited to start a new adventure!!!


  1. cool outfit :)

  2. uo! O.O like this photos!


  3. Nice layering.

  4. Amazing look & stunning pics

  5. Gorgeous outfit Bobby, love the Gilet!

  6. Awesome Outfit! Really one of your best ones!!

  7. Loving this outfit SO much! And the photos are amazing!

  8. Gorgeous Blog ;) i follow you on ;)


  9. wow !! cool style bobby !!

  10. omg so lucky! have fun in Mexico!!

    anyway your outfit is soooo vintage and guess what.. I love vintage. Haha so well done! (?)



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