Saturday, July 13

Roskilde Festival Part I

The Roskilde Festival in Denmark.
Thanks to H&M and my friend Monagical who was the contest winner for giving me the wonderful opportunity to fly over seas to Europe to experience the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. It was also an honor to see the making of the H&M Loves Music #HmRoskilde conscious zone which had a design lab, swap shop, and a roof top with the most incredible view. To sum everything up in one sentence -It was post definitely the most incredible time of my life. I was able to see some of my favourite performers in the flesh such as Azealia Banks, Crystal Castles, Vinnie Who, Rihanna, James Blake, Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, Lykke Li and many more. I was also really thrilled to bring my friend Tori because she had never left the country before, so it was funny to hear her rave about it all month. Prior to going I spent a few days making some special festive DIY pieces in tribute to the trip. A holographic blue and green feathered headband including dolphin stickers for detail as my statement piece. I also made this graphic tank a while back when a night life demon tried to pick me up. It says "I'm not no disposable camera, I'm an SLR (serious, longterm, relationship) which is insanely true but also an inside joke. I got these pastel abstract pants as my going away gift, and my aztec sandals from the H&M Fashion Against Aids collection released many years ago. This is my ultimate music festival outfit and by showing my true colours, I've never felt more confident! It might of helped by having a drink and some war paint. I love the express my emotions and personality through my outfits! As much as I want to keep writing I really should save some more of the details for my next post as I still have 4 more outfit posts to release! So I hope you enjoy the photos below! Thanks for tuning in! With love your friend Bobby! 


  1. You look gorgeous! I love that hippie-festival style ;)

  2. Great pics! :)

  3. Awesome looks, love your pastel pants, crochets shorts and flower crown :3

  4. OH! I am insanely jealous that you get to go to a festival and see all those amazing artists! Who wouldn't kill to see Azealia? Btw totally digging the hair and the new outfit! You're stunning (the bindi was a perfect touch)

  5. Bobby I love this outfit... the tshirt is hilarious and the pants are so cool! hope you liked Denmark <3

  6. This outfit is cool! I love the pants :D

  7. I love your outfit !! The pictures are amazing as well !

  8. you look amazing
    love Vikee

  9. amazing style

  10. you're awesome

  11. Your life is a festival. So jealous.

  12. great photos! I'd love your style.

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