Wednesday, July 10

Fantasies and Philosophies

What I'm Wearing
Your Garden Sweater: Aloha from Deer
Sicke Fitted Cap: Rook Brand
Acid Washed Jeans: H&M
Camo Shoes: Dr Martens

It's been a constant struggle -balancing the things that I love...  when I had it recently come to my realization why I was so unhappy. I apologize for the lack of communication on my blog -I've been away in Europe for the Roskilde Festival in Denmark without having any internet access. To most bloggers that could be a complete nightmare, but for once I really enjoyed not having to be in touch with that side of me. Of course blogging is something that I'm extremely passionate about and I love sharing my style but most of all expressing my life and the things I do, and I hope to inspire some of you out there. I've been blogging for many years, and I've noticed a complete shift of how some things are online, and it's been something that has really effected my opinion. Sometimes people forget that lookbook is meant to be about the outfits, yet the unrealistically beautiful girls that wear basic outfits get the most attention. It's not the though of jealousy which is to blame for but for the fact that people with actual good style aren't getting the appreciation and credit that they truly deserve. I am extremely grateful for anyone who genuinely supports my expression of art through my fashion, and I hope to keep on satisfying anyone who enjoys reading my blog. It's a balance of something that takes a lot of work out of me, but in the end the reward is satisfying.


  1. great sweater! :D

  2. I LOVE your outfit!:) Great pictures!:)

  3. That's a great outfit! You have such great style!

  4. Fantastic print!

  5. Bobby you r so stylish. So much love


  6. love it !

  7. I saw the painting on your sweater live at the Prado museum in Madrid a couple of weeks ago, it's absolutely spectacular!

  8. I LIKE your Sweater Bobby! nice style! :)

  9. I love that you're pointing out that lookbook is actually about the outfits. I feel like that type of thing is an issue in many different areas, such as music. So many bands just put on a fashion show, and forget that it's about the music (therefore creating music without any substance or passion). I can appreciate someone who tells it like it is.


  10. Well you do a wonderful job! You really do. It is funny but the fashion industry gets blamed for this type of thing. But really it is just giving us what we want to see. The same thing now is happening outside the standard fashion industry. We are attracted to what is attractive or to what our eye perceives as attractive it is in our DNA, many tests have been done on this. Sad but true. But that said. There are a TON of blogs that are wonderful and popular and they are not "posing" blogs. Actually from what I understand for women they are a bit on the wane do to over saturation. For guys umm not so much less competition and not so saturated. So keep up the good work and LOVE that bruegel inspire shirt!!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  11. wow! i love your sweater it's so cool!!
    will you check my blog out?

  12. I love "El Bosco" and this sweater is the best i had ever seen in months

  13. I'm definitely a fan of that sweater and those shoes! I'm jealous that you can pull off such a vintage style! I definitely love seeing how you pair things together!


  14. lovely, lovely, and once more lovely!!!
    welcome to myself. ;3


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