Wednesday, June 12

Without Air

What I'm Wearing
Fast Food Tank: Trucker Deluxe
Skull Denim Button Up: DIY
Island Mirage Cap: Versace H&M
Suede Shoes: OHW? (All Sole)
Yin Yang Pendant: Mabel Marlene Designs (Etsy)

As much as I love my seafoam blue hair, sometimes It doesn't really go well with everything that I'd like to wear. I felt like trying something new for a change while using one of my scarves as a head wrap with my hat that I got from Versace for H&M.  I've really been into wearing headbands for the summer, as seen above and my previous looks. I feel like they compliment my head shape and for some reason give me a bit of confidence. I had one set mission today, that was to meet some friends and eat Taco Bell downtown. I coincidentally threw on my favourite fast food tank that I got from Trucker Deluxe, and a DIY skull denim shirt with a light pair of skinnies. It was a summer look that was effortless, and in a way felt special to me. Today I felt like dressing somewhat strange and fully for me. I'd hop on the streetcar, and receive a confused look from any stranger that I'd make eye contact with. I'm not going to dress or act a certain way for no one, and especially the irrelevance of someone that I'll never see again.. A constant thought that couldn't escape my mind. 
Have you ever had someone who was there for you whenever you needed? Having it all, to suddenly nothing at all. -The content feeling of melting in the heat of the hot tub, to diving into a freezing pool of water. Holding your breath while everything changes in an instant. I’ll admit it takes a while for someone like me to cope with changes, especially to ones you cannot control. When a piece of you feels missing, it’s easy to fall into darkness. The desperate thought of feeling fixed wanders my bleeding mind. You can live for yourself, and leave me dwelling in the darkness for your selfish reason you call freedom. When you wake up and see what was everything you ever needed was right in front of you, it’ll be too late. The feeling of emptiness burns, leaving nothing behind but a scar.


  1. very cool!

  2. gorgeous look...and I so agree...we should dress only for ourselves, not for some stranger we'll never see what you have written, you have a way with words! love the photos!

  3. Me encanta el look, estas genial
    Las fotos estupendas.
    Un beso

  4. Great look! love the hairband +hat thing going on! and great shoes love the color!

    following you! follow me if you like Mialay!

  5. The t-shirt!!!
    xx from

  6. Good look Bobby! Love the jacket! And yeah I had the same feeling about someone... But I don't know why, I feel like when a story doesn't end with a reason, it means it's not the end...

  7. LOVE the top! :D

  8. I need that top!

  9. Oh the junk food top!! Super love <3

  10. Great look, its cute ^^ Love the hat, wish I had gotten something from that collection


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