Monday, June 10

Guelph Multicultural Festival

What I'm Wearing
Aztec Denim Long Sleeve: Romwe
Rosary (Necklace and Bracelet): Virgins Saints and Angels
Circle Sunglasses: ZeroUV
Silver LA Necklace: Love Nail Tree
Leather Bracelet: H&M
Beaded Bracelet: Merrin & Gussy
Blue Spacer Earrings: Hot Topic
Fox Double Ring: Merrin & Gussy
Pyramid Ring: Merrin & Gussy
Aztec Tapers: Aeon Attire
Flat Shoes: Dr. Scholl's Shoes
Official Coachella Shirt: Coachella
Light Washed Jeans: Thrifted

Every year I go to the Guelph Multicultural Festival with my family which happened to take place this weekend. It's a great place to learn and appreciate other cultures and be in touch with the community. One thing I like the most is being able to eat new types of food, and wanted to try something I've never eaten before such as Traditional Ethiopian Cuisine as seen in one of the pictures above. I had no idea it was going to be as spicy as it sounded, however lately I've been able to handle mostly any spice thrown my way.  I only ended up going for a few hours because I was rushed to be in Toronto for a friend's birthday party. I also was technically moving most of my stuff to the new place which I plan on living for most of the summer. I quickly threw on a summer festival look with flooding my wrists with bracelets while adding some unusually accessories such as my taupe headband and aztec tapers. After all, I wanted something that I could rock during the nightlife too. What do you guys think? Not enough, or a little too much?  Have a great week everyone. -Bobby


  1. Oh!!! I really love your style! <3


  2. Love this look ! You did a great job, very versatile ! xo
    Oh, the new layout is awesome !

  3. If I was a guy, I would totally want your style!! so awesome!!


  4. Great outfit i like it! the pictures look so much fun.

    nice work on this one ;-)

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  5. the last picture does not surprise me

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