Monday, June 17

♈ Twisted Fate ♊

  What I'm Wearing
Double Chain Ring: Kontraho
Fire and Ice Ring: Beta Unit
Eagle Ring: Merrin & Gussy
Beaded Bracelets: Vanessa Mooney
Rosary (Necklace and Bracelet): Virgins Saints and Angels
Beaded Elephant Hat: Urban Outfitters
Aztec Sandals: H&M
Mesh Sweater: Thrifted

Last night Tori had painted my nails, and each one has a little sentimental message. (I'll start from left to right as shown in the picture above) Right Hand: Paris the Dolphin, Kardashian the Whale, Rogers Wifi, Lonely Alien, and the Gemini sign. Left Hand: Aries, my star sign, Star of DaveWave, Ecco the Dolphin, Bell Wifi, and a melting Yin Yang.
Introducing "Splash by Dash" the latest Kardashian nail polish collection -just kidding!
But actually, that's legit Kardashian nail polish underneath that picture of her wearing the killer whale dress. Don't forget to hashtag! #SplashByDash 

Hanging out with a few friends in Toronto before taking off to a graduation barbecue. I've always been a fan of "the white wall" but never really had one around. While living with Tori, I spotted this wall right out front of her house, while being temping to snap a few photos before departure. I thought it would be pleasantly contrasting with my blue hair and bohemian wallflower inspired outfit. A lot of these photos are taken while just having fun with some friends, so exclude all seriousness. Last night I was talking to my friend Jennifer about that feeling of happiness that comes from  good friendship. When your mind has been completely entertained by the joy and company of friends, -forgetting about any problems or dark thoughts while replacing them laughter and cherishable memories. Without sounding cheesy and all, I just thought I'd express little a realization of something meaningful. I've been wanting to include a stronger voice and opinion within the writing part of my blog, however sometimes I find it hard to express my thoughts without sounding completely unrelatable and awkward. Just another morning thought. On that note, have a good week everyone. Thanks for stopping by! -Bobby


  1. Totally loving this outfit, Bobby!
    Love the last picture with your friends especially :)

  2. I really think you're amazing

  3. Love your style!

  4. OMG! I love your outfit here bob. That sandals, give it to me.... <3 <3 <3

  5. You always look good omigosh ...
    Hehehehehe, she does look like a whale xD

  6. loving this look :) lol for kim!

    x Zane

  7. you look awesome! super love your pants <3
    and your nails..they're amazing :D
    totally love your whole look

  8. AMAZING look!! Your nails look soo awesome, love them!

  9. Love this look! (And your friends look really cool as well)

  10. you look amazing
    love Vikee

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  12. Such a great look, Bobby!
    And of course you wouldn't label my favorite part of this outfit; the pants<3

  13. You're the coolest. :) Love the nails. You look amazing!

    xox Sammi

  14. Loving the hair and the pants


  15. amaizng sweater
    i love yiu

    NEW LOOK: 87


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