Saturday, June 15

Shallow to Deep

What I'm Wearing
Ombre Detail shirt: H&M
Aztec Detail Pants: Urban Outfitters
Holographic Cross Trainers: Unif (Miss KL)
Silver ID Plate with Wrap: Wren & Glory

Chillin' with Marcel and Tori downtown Toronto lookin' for cool clothes and places.
I can't seem to stop wearing blue and partying. I got this new shirt from H&M, it's pretty basic but I like it. Don't forget to entre my Aeon Attire giveaway on my previous post! I'm going to have one each week this month! =] Have a good weekend everyone! - Bobby


  1. i love the outfit and the hair so cool!,


  2. I love your shirt! your friends' outfits are really cool too (:

  3. OHMYWORD. Bobby, not only do you look fabulous/handsome/amazing/stylin' as usual but you got to take pictures with those other AMAZING bloggers? My jealousy knows no bounds!

    Glad you had fun and got to take some pretty rad outfit pictures together!

  4. Your hair is beautiful! Love the shoes and the outfits!

  5. I would like to be there! Ahaha your hair are fantastic! Xx

  6. So nice! Love this.

  7. You and your friends are looking cool!! Those sneakers are dope!!

  8. hey, u are awesome bobby! like ur style! u are very iconic here in Mexico, by the way I love your aztek detailed pants! I am skinny like you, almost same body type, and definitely I wanna get those pants, but I don't get the sizes at the ubanoutfitters site, they are pretty different from mexico, so I was wondering if you could tell me what size are you, to order mines the same size! THAAANKS bobby, keep rocking as always!



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