Friday, May 31


What I'm Wearing
Lightening Bolt Tank: UNIF (Miss KL)
Circle Glasses: ZeroUV
Melting Rad Necklace: Mikey Anderson (Etsy) 
Yin Yang Necklace: Mabel Marlene Designs (Etsy)

Monica's Outfit
Most Wanted DIY: Gypsy Sale
Cat eye sunglasses: Aeon Attire
Charm Bracelet: Gypsy Sale

I've been gone for a while and I just thought that I should let you know now. My spontaneous addiction for freedom grows fast like a wildfire. The feeling of going somewhere new and getting lost wakes me from this arid place I come from. I find myself running from my headaches and heartaches, and so I decide to take off leaving everything behind. A new city, a new identity, a new life.

Tuesday, May 28

Neon at Anime North / Giveaway Winner

What I'm Wearing

Psychedelic Neon Tiger Sweater: Mr. Gugu & Miss Go
Pink Neon Highlite Sneaker: Jeffrey Campbell
Colour Block Backpack: Romwe
Holographic Merman Jeans: H&M
Melting Rad Necklace: Mikey Anderson (Etsy) 
Yin Yang Necklace: Mabel Marlene Designs (Etsy)
Forever Alone Pin: Anime North
Tamagotchi Pin: Anime North

This weekend in Toronto was Anime North. I've been trying to find the perfect occasion to wear my new psychedelic neon tiger sweater. I also just got these new Jeffrey Campbell neon highlight platforms that match perfectly with this outfit. The best part about them is that they light up at night with the click of a button. Speaking of buttons I ended up buying a few in the dealers room. You can actually see them in the photo below along with some of my favourite accessoires. I just got a new melting 'rad' and Yin Yang necklace from Etsy. You probably didn't notice but I finally changed my stud earrings to my new dolphin earrings. I also spontaneously decided to brighten my hair with neon green hair dye that I got at Hot Topic when I was in California. It's semi-permanent so it actually going to wash out in a few days. I'm thinking of re-dying my hair again soon but I'm unsure of which colour. It's going to either be blue or orange, what do you think?

 Giveaway Winner

As promised I said I would announce the winner of my VSA giveaway on my blog today. It was only fair to use a true random number generator. Congratulations to @darrennoway for being the lucky winner for the Dagger Pendant valued over $200! Thank you everyone for entering! Stay tuned as more giveaways will be coming soon! Also check out the new Once Upon a Time video by Virgins Saints & Angels.

Friday, May 24

Laid Back

What I’m Wearing

Graphic Tank: Love Nail Tree
L.A and Camera Necklace: Love Nail Tree
Acid Bleached Harem Pants: Sammy Dress
Watch and strap: Cloudy Sky Leatherworks
Fire and Ice Ring: Beta Unit
Backpack: Aldo Accessories
Sandals: H&M