Thursday, February 7

When in Manhattan

Hey Viewers. So, I just arrived in New York City after spontaneously deciding to take the midnight bus a day early after getting an unexpected email inviting me to attend a show during NYFW. So I basically had less than an hour to pack my bags and jet to the station. Luckily, everything went well during my travels and I was able to get a few zz's on the bus. As soon as I arrived I got to meet up with my friend Jessie Jensen while spending a full day together. We had an awesome adventure while doing a bit of shopping, eating tacos, and exploring the city! Check out her blog if you wanna see a native New Yorker's thoughts on our day. Afterwords we ended up taking a few photos with the unreal view from her balcony while watching the sun set. The shirt she is wearing in her look is actually designed my by me! 15 minutes before leaving I printed the graphic and ironed it on for the trip. Notice I'm wearing my DIY NY tank that I just had to wear the first day! I made another shirt that's jokes, and especially for fashion week. So this is my first day here! -got to kick it back, and just enjoy the good times! Hope you like the photos!!! Sincerely, Bobby


  1. Love this look!

    So cool fotos!



  2. i looooooove both of the t-shirts you have made! <3
    a spontaneous trip to NYC? that's cool
    have a lovely time in NYC! iloveyou boy!

  3. Wow !
    Lovely looks !
    amazing pics.


  4. świetna kurtka!

    Pozdrawiam :)

  5. great jacket and Jessie is beautiful! :)


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