Friday, February 8


 It was the first official day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week here at the Lincoln Center in New York City. I've got to admit, it was probably one of the most eventful days of my life, not only because I was highly fueled off caffeine,  but because I had gotten to meet up with a bunch of different bloggers and jump around like a jumping mexican bean from one place to another. It was pretty epic to experience the BCBG show, and as cliché as it may sound, this first show overal was quite the "bam" of inspiration, not only to me, but to my friend Jessie who I had attended with. As you can see from the photo below, the collection was filled with long romantic uniquely embellished and printed designs while keeping a clean and neutral colour palette. While all entire looks executed ultimate chicness, I thought it was a dandy idea to have all the gals wear beanies -because ya'll know how much I like em!
Finally reunited with my favourite person in the entire world, Bethany Struble! This totally was the biggest delight of my day! She's actually wearing a jacket from BCBG herself. 
I was really blown away at Rachel's intense style! I love those sunnies soo much!! Only she can rock those colours. Really inventive! 

Hunger Games in the house! Not only was this colour trending on outfits, but incorporated within hairstyles! I really found this lad quite inspiring.
Here's Jessie sporting a BCBG leather jacket and beanie just like the spring collection!
It's my main man Peter from the Hobbyists! He's the best! 
It was also quite splendid to meet the infamous Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salade.
Olivia Lopez from Lust for Life shooting her daily look lookin' ultimately chic.
Rachel from Jag Lever always looks amazing, and I loved her Wildfox round glasses! 
It was also quite amazing to meet up with Andy Chen, one of the cofounders of lookbook sportin' the new HYPE shirt! Follow him on instagram @andy_alien
Well that's all for today! Hope you enjoyed my first day of NYFW adventures!! More photos will coming every day so please stay tuned and follow my blog if you aren't already! Much love, Bobby


  1. You look awesome! So jealous you got to meet all of them. I'm dying to meet all of you!!

  2. Nice photos, i love your pants!^^

  3. great!
    nice photos!
    gave my greetings in NY everyone!!^^

  4. i think almost all of the cool people in NYC right now. the missed ones are: Konstantina T., Adam G., Olivia H, and Flávia . <3

  5. Nice pictures. I love you pants!

  6. Aw you met Rachel again! She's one of my faves!
    Have a great time!

  7. You got some awesome shots! Nice ensemble.

  8. how can I not love this? I want to meet you!

  9. you're so lovely)) nice outfit! love your pants!

  10. SO chic! Love your pants! Everyone are very well-dressed and amazing! x

  11. I love your pants! <3 I love most of the fbloggers up there ^^


  12. I wish i can go der too! haha! Love your Blog Bobby! :) <3

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