Monday, February 18

NYFW 3: Single, Taken, Blogger ✔

Hey guys! My apologies for the delay in posts. As you know I've been on a week long adventure in NYC for fashion week! Overall, it really was an incredible experience and very overwhelming! I found it pretty difficult to balance taking photos, socializing, and going to fashion shows while keeping you guys posted at the same time. At the end of the night I was either at an after party or completely exhausted from the day to make a post, but now that I'm back I can't wait to share all the good times with ya'll! To start about my outfit, I made this shirt 15 minutes before leaving. I grabbed a blank tee and printed this joke on an iron transfer. I just thought it would be a funny shirt to wear during NYFW and especially around Valentine's day.
It was the perfect snowy day in Central Park to take some photos with the other bloggers Olivia Lopez, Bethany Struble and Peter Adrian who I was staying with at the Dream Downtown. I'll be sure to post the photos of the hotel soon because I keep talking about how amazing it was! We also met up with Adam Gallagher! :D Photo credit goes to Olivia and Peter! Thanks guys!!! ♡

Smiley Denim: Romwe, White Kicks: Zara, Blue Jeans: Big Star USA, Bracelet: Vanessa Mooney Scarf: thrifted Shirt: DIY


  1. You made this? Oh and I wondered where can I buy it! This outfit is amazing, the tshirt is perfect and smiley face shirt also! You are amazing as always xx

    1. @Beatricia! aww thank you!!!! yes, i've been experimenting with iron on sheet transfers and random designs. I'm sure a shirt like this exists somewhere online, but if you cannot find one maybe I can make more for my online shop! :3

  2. Bethany and Peter is the cutest couple ever! And you.... You are just simply amazing. <3

  3. awesome photos!
    nice shirt and t-shirt:)

  4. You look really nice.
    Girl from 10 pictures <3

  5. You look great and I am loving the shirt and tee. I also like the photos of the snow being thrown in the air.

  6. I can't believe how amazing you are! Bobby, perfect look :-)
    Many kisess for you! <3 Vanessa

  7. You're so creative :D

  8. That smiley face shirt is beyond adorable!

  9. Great outfit!! Your sunglasses are awesome!!

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