Wednesday, February 20


 During my experience at New York Fashion Week I was able to stay at the luxurious and inventive Dream Downtown located in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan. It was an unreal experience to say the least, and to carry on the otherworldly theme I thought to photoshop a nebula in the sky to go with the magnificent scenery from it's signature circular windows. -Not that it was necessary because the view from the windows was almost surreal as those images found on google. I cannot forget how comfy the beds were. If sleeping on a cloud was possible, this was exactly how it would feel. The location was in the perfect area, and was steps away a main subway station which made it really easy to travel to the places that I needed to be. This way I was never late for a show! It was also walking distance to some awesome shopping areas and across the street from the Chelsea Market. Below are some photos that I quickly snapped of the room! I'll be sure to include some more photos of the heated pool and library in another post! Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoyed today's post! Dont forget to leave a comment below!
To check out more photos of the hotel visit their facebook page or follow them on instagram and twitter @DreamDowntown

This bag I am wearing is from George Gina & Lucy and I'll be sure to highlight it in an upcoming post! It's a Speed Racer style in the colour Black Buick. The name of the bag is In The 500.
I also want to thank the lookbook team for the amazing gift upon arrival. I've heard such great things about these Kiehl's products and I can't wait to try them out for myself! 


  1. whoa the place looks totally awesome! and so do you :)

  2. Wow it looks amazing!
    - Charlotte

  3. Thank you for the comment!
    These are some really great pictures! :)


  4. love your blogg!! love itt!!

  5. Wow, I think photoshopping the nebula was the best idea ever.
    That room really does look like something out of a sci fi movie ♥
    Your look is awesome too, love the bag!

  6. awesome photos!
    love this post very much!!!

  7. Love! glad you had fun! I just adore New York :D

  8. Wow ... I wish I could be there too :D looks amazing man!

  9. wow, what an amazing purposes!
    simply loving them. i hope youll like my blog as i love your ones!

    definitely keep like this, and i hope we could follow each other to stay in touch!
    wish you the best!!

  10. wow! such a grand hotel. really cool interiors.
    you had a great time for sure.

    hope you'll enjoy your gifts!
    have a great day Bobby!


  11. This is amazing!
    And you look is so classy <3

  12. This place is amazing!!Wow!!I love your blog!I'll follow you :p

  13. just magnificent. I'm so staying there my net visit.

  14. OMG the decor in that hotel is insane!!! Love your photos and what an amazing blog! #following

  15. Hello, I'm from Brazil and i love your blog/lookbook and your looks!

    Amazing images <3

    Have a nice week!


  16. I love a cozy and chic hotel make me want to take a vacation beautiful pictures.

  17. um actually it's more like YOUR blog is amazing! the pictures are stunning, can't wait to look around and read about your time at NYFW =)

  18. This IS an awesome room wow! I work at magazine and we have shot in some fun hotels but this looks really coo! I work not too far from this area. Or I did-ha our office is moving. Love your blog. Following on bloglovin. Let me know next time you are in town for Fashion Week. Are you coming to town for Lucky Fabb?

    Ali of

  19. OMG the room look divine !!! Beautiful photograph dear and you look sharp :) Great outfit !

    I invite you to join my WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY !!

  20. Thanks for your comment. Your style is great¡

  21. lovely pictures! i want to be in new york!

  22. the place looks amazing!! Just cant wait to experience this hotel whenever I travel to the city.

    u have a great blog Bobby and love ure style!!

  23. wow boy! you've got amazing sense of style! I follow you and invite to my blog ;>

  24. love your style! im loving it! and your blog its so cute ^^

  25. this looks like such a dream indeed <3 considering of staying here when I hopefully eventually come to New York...your outfit is stylish and amazing as per <3

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