Friday, January 4


 Excuse my unnecessary amount of photos included in this post -you know when sun is perfectly angled behind the exact location u are at and all the photos just turn out magical without any editing involved? Well for once that kinda thing happened to me. Standing at Two Rivers, a place I've been many times but never seemed to take some photos. Without thought decided to name my post that. Sounds like a band name says my friend Jenn. Well it's pretty common to name a band after an ex girlfriend or city so I couldn't agree more. Funny story -I was in a rush to work so I was only able to snap for about 10 minutes, and when I was rushing in, I forgotten I had switched shifts with someone. Don't you hate when that kind of thing happens? 
About my outfit:
One of my newest favourite items would have to be these straight leg "ochre" hue pants from Big Star. They fit really nice and the quality of the material feels great! -a really well made product. I thought it would go perfect with a simple navy and grey plaid shirt and cardigan. 
Something that I had recently discovered was this nifty Boostcase Hybrid which is a case that actually charges my phone! There's a snap case that you just attach when your phone is running low and it can really becomes a life saver! It defiantly comes in handy because I always forget to charge my phone and when I need it the most it always dies on me so I'm really happy to have this product now, especially when I travel and will be without a charger. 


  1. perfection

  2. love this outfit!! the fotos are amazing

  3. You are amazing! Love those pictures!

  4. i like the photos !

  5. Wow! Such a beautiful pictures


  6. hey bobby,
    i really really like colour of your pants. it's cool. and your jacket seems to be very cosy :)
    you look awesome, just like always :)

  7. Love it!!Great pictures!


  8. nice outfit! your photos turned out great!

  9. You always look awesome, I'm loving your great style!


  10. i normally dont look at guys fashion blog since
    a) i am single now so i dont need present inspiration
    b) im a girl aha
    BUT i found your blog an i gotta say tht you have a great sense of style!
    also it was good to read your blog[:

  11. Your cardigan looks so cozy, love it.

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  13. cool look bobby !! love the outfit !! everything look so great


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