Wednesday, January 2


 When the sun had set, the stars shined. The only thing I legitimately wanted to wear today was a blanket from bed, and maybe this patriotic hat. Though I don't fancy New Years, it was a good time in my land. My kiss was my Kazoo which I'm quite fond of. I was feelin' the tune. Let's start with a cheer to my first blog post this year, a casual outfit with some new items such as my suede shoes that I got online from XXi on boxing day. My beanie is from Romwe. Custom skulls detailed on my denim peeking collar, and a thrifted sweater to love for those lazy days. I got these jog jeans from Diesel a while back and had worn them till the rips. If you are reading this and want to go for a bike ride just leave a comment! Ya you on the spinny chair.


  1. The combination of stars and stripes is such a classic but alas, you managed to make it oh so hip!

  2. Such a great outfit! Great combination of stripes and stars Lovely photo's as well :)
    Love the bike and the light sneaking in.

  3. I would have just asked for a new outfit post and here is!

  4. Stunning !!
    I like everything about your style :)

  5. haha you made me laugh, happy new year bobby!!


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