Monday, September 3

The Exhibition!

 It was pretty wicked to finally visit the Exhibition with the lovely Julia Monson and Menaka IyerI had a sleepover with Menaka and in the morning we doubled on my bike to the thrift store. We fueled up with some sushi and iced tea and sat in the sun. After that we started getting ready for the Ex where we met up with Julia. My look is inspired by a rocker from the future and how artificially common it will be. Jokingly I could say I'm ahead of the trend about a hundred years from now ;) Do you remember in the Movie Hunger Games, how extreme the audience from the capital dressed? Haha, our outfits kind of remind me of that. I'm kind of digging the purple hair and I'm really happy to hear such positive compliments about it from my previous look! Brought to you by the Color Bug that I for from abhair, I was able to turn my hair purple in less than 5 minutes! I did Menaka's hair on the bus ride over, and Julia's hair too! It's really compact and much fun too! I highly recommend it if you don't want to permanently dye your hair. 

  My friend Menaka works at the Exhibition, singing crazy songs on the microphone. It was pretty hilarious to see her sing 'A whole new world' from Aladdin! Her dream is to work at Disney as princess Jasmine. Follow her on twitter @passiondaisy!
Obsessed with rivets and studs! My tote bag is from Chicnova and my vest from Romwe.
Detail shot of my jewelry! I recently got a bunch of rings from Click triangle, arrow or eye ring to shop.


  1. Everyone are so rad and welldressed! Love your hair and jacket xx

  2. I'm in love with your outfits! All of you. But I love the leopard print vest most of all ! BIG LIKE.

  3. I love all your outfits. <3


  4. OH my gosh love the color scheme of this post! Your vest is remarkable!


  5. I am LOVING all the photos! The colors are gorgeous and the mix of prints are perfect!


  6. Your photos are so cool, and you all look great! Loving your vest and rings.

    xx maggie

  7. great outfit! follow back please :)

  8. guys you look amazing! I love all your outfits :)

  9. Absolutly love the post. Love the ambience, the looks, the mood! Very cool, that´s it! xx

  10. nice blog darling:)

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