Saturday, August 18

Gap x Lookbook Event in Toronto!

Thursday was the Gap styled by party in Toronto. It was amazing to see all the local bloggers get together for one event. I finally got a chance to meet up with Zoe Badly, Kristy Petra, and Julia Monson. I was also really happy to see the lovely Dani Roche, she is so sweet! We all got to select an outfit from Gap to wear to the event which was awesome! First time in a while I was feeling the colour yellow to reflect my personality. I wanted my outfit to be cheerful, energetic youthful and chic. I finally got a pair of dress paints which I can wear to my job interview next week! My favourite part about the outfit was that I matched the sweater with a pair of striped socks. I thought to incorporate a little bit of my own style with the Vanessa Mooney silver necktie and a classy Beil watch. I don't have that many nice pairs of dress shoes, so I just wore the usual. I finally had an outfit that matched my little navy blue bag I got from Zara. It was perfect because I was only bringing my wallet and and my chapstick. Well below are the pictures at the event! I was sooo excited to meet all the lookbookers that I wanted to take pictures of all of them! Be sure to hype them if you like them! 

Kristy Petra, Natalie Ast, Me, Julia Monson, Zoe Badly, Dani Roche

The drinks were so delightful! I maybe had a little bit too much!

At the end of the night a group of us went to a Korean Kareoke bar for the first time in my life. It was pretty awesome! 
I had to end this blog post with a really silly picture. hehe, I hope you enjoyed the pictures! With love, Bobby ♡


  1. of course we love these pics. i wish i could be here, that must have been pretty awesome!
    btw, good luck for the interview! but i know they gonna be amazed!

  2. Absolutely stunning, everyone.

  3. Hi there,

    Great blog!

    Check out mine:

    Cheers, C.

  4. All my favorite bloggers! You all looked fabulous! :)


  5. THat last photo is theeeeeee cutest!

  6. loving ALL of these outfits - great job!



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