Friday, June 15

Crown of Berries / Meeting Bianca and Dani

I finally met up with the local fashion bloggers Bianca Venerayan and Dani Roche where we spent the day at a cute and yummy dessert filled cafe that coincidentally matched both of their hair and not intentionally! Later that day we went to Bellwood Trinity park to chill, chat and take pictures. I just got this new oversized denim and aztec patchwork vest from Romwe, which I is perfectly my style! Though it's such a staple piece on it's own, I find myself adding more to it, making it one big eclectic mess. As summer the holiday arrives, Romwe is holding big clearance within the "Outlet" directory. Once your order is over $45, you can use the 20% discount code: outlet20% while saving up to 60% , valid before 17th June! Another favourite featured item I'm wearing is my handmade crown of berries!I'm always wearing things around my head, and this just might be my newest favourite trend this summer. Hope you enjoy todays post! Till next time!! -Bobby

Simplicity rocks! Bianca wears a simple sheer maxi skirt and an oversized mesh jumper. Most of all I'm loving her necklace she's wearing from  Kastor & Pulluxher very own jewelry line created with Dani. I totally recommend checking it out :D 

Adore Dani's cotton candy inspired use of colours. Lovin' her cheetah heeled Docs and most of all my favourite part about her outfit that eyeball ring! She told me she got from topman. I want it soo bad, I think I might have to get one myself!~


  1. aww gorgeous photos! hope you are enjoying this lovely weather in toronto!


  2. beautiful photos as always!!
    so much love for your sandals :3

  3. i love the photo in which you drink, so adorable! i see, you keep an eye on us by your ring just as Dani does ! haha <3

  4. Oh how funny that the macarons matched your hairstyles! I love those sweet desserts as much as I do your outfits!


  5. Those sandals <3

  6. Bobby, you really capture the soul !!! ... I love your pics, outfits & all around self :)
    Stay amazing :) xoxo

  7. This may seem weird, but those cookie things are macaroons, are they not? What are they and what do they taste like? I've never seen one in real life!



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