Monday, June 4

Chichen Itza Part l

 Chichen Itza is one of the most incredible places I've ever been. An ancient city built by Mayan civilization, created with symbolic detail within the stone. My favourite structure had to have been the skull platform.(You know how much I love skulls.) The only thing I didn't like about this place was the massive swarms of tourists which I have to mention was pretty difficult to photoshop out of the background, but luckily I managed to make things work. This has got to be one of my favourite looks I've ever taken, which means I'm sure it won't get that much hype on lookbook. Anyways,since I liked this look soo much I decided to make a second blog entree with more photos, and perhaps another look! Actually, my favourite part of my outfit is not visible in these photos because it's the detail on my shirt which is tied around my waist. It just got way too hot to wear my long sleeve, so that is another reason why I'll be posting a second part to this blog entree. You need to see the deets! So stay tuned for more! -Bobby



  1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog too !! this looks like a beautiful place - and I know - tourists can ruin your pics !! Hope you had a great time. You look Fab


  2. Great photos! Love your shorts and bracelets!

  3. you were right! i absolutly love this outfit! <3 one of the best of your's!

  4. omg! why do you have to put the pictures of the iguana? I can barely look at the screen now. :/ Sorry, I'm really terrified of reptiles. Jeez! Chichen Itza is surreal indeed! I would definitely add this place in my bucket list. <3

    1. i've been missing you dearly!!! i'm sorry about the iguana!! every time i see one i just get sooo excited!!!!!!
      ahah you probably dont wanna hear about the story when an iguana was running and a piece of his skin fell off and gary kept it in the safe at our hotel lol so random but i think he's gunna make a necklace with it XD
      haha anyways, i've been missing you and your comments, all weeek i was wondering where you went!! <3

  5. Wow, great pics! **

  6. What an amazing place! Great photos :)
    Thank you for sharing the photos!<3

  7. Ahh! I absolutely love all of your outfits!


  8. what an incredibly awesome location! Love the pictures.

  9. The pictures are beautiful and your look is amazing. You look really great! You are a very handsome man, you know. ;-)

    Mary Jane

  10. light, fresh look and beautiful photos ;]

    plz visit and follow: !!!


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