Monday, June 11

Catch & Release

It was pretty much the hottest day yet. Sun soo bright I could hardly open my eyes. Take one deep breath and a good look around to remember... This was the last I had taken photos in Cancún before I left. As you may notice I look a little sad because I really didn't want to go home. And when I travel back home I like to wear the same outfit I arrived in to remember a great time, and to leave in the same conditions. But there was one difference. And before I left a friend had given me this necklace; it looks like a tribal mask or a fish depending which way you interpret it. To me it symbolises a fish I caught but had to let go. Sometimes you meet someone pretty awesome people when traveling, and for me I find it hard to say goodbye, because I get a feeling of uncertainty when you'll meet again. Which is why I call this look catch and release. Sometimes life brings you wonderful surprises when you lease expect it. 


  1. saying goodbye is never easy... i understand your sadness, this is one of the most beautifull place i have ever seen! <3 !!

  2. Awwww I totally understand this feeling and yes it is very sad, but at least you have wonderful memories. Such a beautiful beach and your hair looks awesome. I would love one of those fish necklaces, what a lovely gift.

  3. great hair and hair accessories ;)

  4. Location + outfit = perfect match!

    I really like your sweater.


  5. Oh my goodness, I absolutely know how you feel when it comes to leaving such a wonderful place. I love where you shot your outfit, too. Though you are leaving, you will have memories that you can hold on to and take with you!


  6. goodbye seems to be one of the hardest words to say. You look great B ;)

  7. I really love your pictures, these are making me want to so badly just hop on a plane and fly out there.
    Also I love the necklace given to you and of course the outfit.
    This place looks like a paradise <3


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