Tuesday, May 1


   Here's another laid back chill kinda look made for a cold windy day. I love this tank I got from Lavish & Squalor, it reminds me of a kaleidoscope. My favourite detail is the splashes of turquoise and checkered pattern. & This jacket, sweater combo keeps me warm from the harsh winds. In fact, it started raining, so I wasn't able to take too many pictures. This entire week is suppose to rain, which sucks because I wanted to make plans to be outside in the city now that I'm done school! Luckily, there might be one day this week we are expecting sunshine, so I'll be sure to be out then! Yesterday I went shopping in the mall, (only because I live across from it) to perhaps reward myself for graduating, but I couldn't find one thing! Maybe I'll have better luck going to a thrift store which I haven't had much time to do! Most places around here are too picked over so it's getting harder to find unique clothing. Does anybody else feel that way? 

Graphic Tank: Insight, Skinny Jeans: Levi's, Fiddler Hat: Brixton,


  1. I love the top and those boots! Now I need them to come in my size ha!


  2. Weather forecast here says that this May the temp would go even higher (like37C) but surprisingly we just had the first rain of May today! Yay! There's a belief here that the first rain of May is miraculous so people went out and bathe in it. I just stayed inside cause I'm afraid it's acid rain. I'm such a kill joy wuss. Haha! But I'm still wishing for more rain though. Regarding shopping at the mall, you are not alone! I find mall items very monotonous and it's quite rare to find something that you wouldn't end up seeing from almost every person you bumped into. Unfortunately, I can't go thrift shopping either cos Im allergic to the smell of thrift clothes here. I dunno does all thrift stores smell dusty? Oh well, I can only rely to myself to turn clothes I wear into something unique. Good thing I get inspiration from amazing fashion bloggers like you! <3

  3. That is a GORGEOUS top! I love the geometric prints! And don't even get me started on those boots..

  4. that tshirt is perfect ! love it so much!
    i do understand your shopping problem, cuz i have the same. that's why i have to do something with the new clothes, re-decorate or i dunno. :/

  5. Luv that tank top!


  6. I understand what you mean about the thrift stores. They're the most amazing thing at first, but then once everyone else discovers its amazingness, the thrift store becomes pretty empty and no longer holds anything eye popping :/

  7. You look amazing :)

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