Monday, April 30

Colours of a Dream

     Today is just a simple post. I was having one of those mornings when I couldn't decide what to wear. There are too many colours in the season to love, especially the pastels. I chose to stick with a soft colour palette adding a vivid accessory. Feeling blue and a little nostalgic, here are colours of a dream. I love the pattern on this shirt, in fact I have matching bed sheets I found at a local thrift shop. Which is probably one of the reasons why I'm reminded of sleep. I'll keep it short and sweet for today. Have a wonderful day everyone! -Bobby 

Aztec Dress Shirt: Topman, Denim Jacket: Gap, Pastel Skinnies: H&M
Bracelets: Vanessa Mooney, Belt: Tie-Ups, Shoes: EMU Australia

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  1. So cool man!! Always perfect!!

    Greetings from

    1. thank you soo much man! :D it's great to hear from ya!

  2. love the shirt so much !! you look great, as always.

    have a great day :) much love from

  3. Super cool!


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