Friday, March 9

We wrote a prelude to our own fairy tale.

It was the first day warm enough to go to class without a jacket, and what better then to wear something bright. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I decided to buy the primary stripes! I love vertical stripes so I really wanted to get them all!! but maybe I'll go back next week after my internship.
So I hope you guy noticed my new blog banner illustrated by Timothy Pattison. The castle finally took off!!! and who knows where it's going to land!!! Stay tune till next time!! :D -Bobby


  1. You two are both such stars! And Bobby, your shirt is genious.

    1. Thank you Annika!!!!! It means a lot to receive a comment from you!!
      With love, I wish you all the best!!! <3

  2. You look so adorbs!

    P.S THAT ISNT TORONTO WEATHER!!! or was that the really warm day? I dont know... I've been stuck in indoors from 8am- 10 pm everyday...


    1. On wednesday it was sooooo sunny and warm out! perfect day for photos! You didn't get to see?? aww!! hopefully the weekend is sunny!

    2. at my school Humber College, if you go up on the hill you can see the whole arboretum! :D

  3. also will I see you at toronto fashion week?

    1. I'll do my best and try to go! maybe this upcoming season! :D

  4. i love the colors !♥ you're amazing guys

  5. Adorable! Love that jacket and the jeans are amazing!
    New header ROCKS! :)

  6. the jacket is to die for ... that was the first one that caught my eye when you posted it on tweeeeeter :) <3 I love how your blog banners blend so well with your pictures and outifts too ... nice theme ya got going on just now :)

    1. awwwe thank you Riley!!! it means a lot coming from you!! <3

  7. Your jacket is awesome and I really like the mint shirt.

  8. The castle is super cute and the little ships as well! I wonder where they're heading to... :) Any clue? Oh, and would you please stop posting photos with Monica cos... I'm beginning to develop a crush on her! Seriously, that's not good for me. Haha! <3

  9. you make life so much more colourful

  10. Gorgeous striped shirt on you and I really covet a nice leather bag like the one she has! Keep up the awesome sartorial decisions, they are quite the inspiration!

  11. Amazing outfits! Everything looks so good on you :)
    Like your blog very much!

  12. WoW! That Jacket is soo amzing! Nothing better then a good set of bright colors on a warm spring day. Were did you find it?

  13. Both of your shirts are so great! Amazing styling.

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I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby