Monday, March 19

The Adventure

        Nothing too exciting going on other than the thrill of sunlight; school’s been keeping me away from ya’ll, and I must apologize to my loyal friends and readers out there… yeah I said it, I’m sorry, and I promise to post more pictures instead of going out late at night. Even though about that- Due to the overload of assignments, I didn’t get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Well who cares, (I don’t even like that holiday anyways- Green looks awful on me, I’m not Irish, and I don’t urge to drink an endless amount of beer and roll around dressed like a leprechaun.) I swear, all them teacher plan these assignment due on the same day, just so they can sit back and watch us go insane! At least I managed to finish all of my projects this weekend, and now I can finally relax, maybe for a day... and well, today I went downtown to meet up with my photo styling group to pick out wardrobe options for our editorial this weekend. I thought I’d take a minute and snap a few to remember what I should wear next time I’m late for class, or something… This recipe includes, a hint of plaid, some sweet shades, a satchel named “Adventure” brought to you by Grafea, and maybe just a handful of neutrals thrown together- heheh.. Anyways, you got any questions? I’d LOVE to hear back from ya so if you have a moment, don’t be afraid to leave a comment! With love, from your friend -Bobby


  1. super love this look bobby! you look great :D xx

    1. thank you for checking out my blog! :D <3

  2. Such a great outfit, love the layer'd look. I want that bag so much. Just noticed the Skull bracelet too, which is totally wicked!!!

    1. aww thanks so much!! yes you noticed my favorite detail!! :D

  3. wow bobby this is really nice. Give me that bag and that shirt! hahaha ;)

  4. Where did you get the skull bracelet from?

    1. believe it or not, I got them at the Dollarama, it's part of their halloween merchandise!
      i you have a dollarama near you, go mid september and stalk up!! i have like 12! XD
      my addiction ahha

    2. No not here in England I'm afraid :( Are they expensive?

  5. Finally a new post! The long wait for an update is killing me and I was starting to wonder where could you be. Turns out you're just busy in school and stuff. That's totally understandable so, apology accepted. But can you please don't make us miss you a lot? unless you want to kill me. ;)

    1. Jeenee!! it means so much that you look forward to my new blog posts and how sincerely you care to read about me. You really motivate me to post more when ever I have the free time. thanks so much for everything!! and I can't wait to hear back from you!!! sweetheart!!! <3

  6. Very cool look - love your styling - really special - have a great blog and I have to follow you :)


    Tanja - or via Bloglovin

  7. I really like the 'soft' tones in your photos Bobby! Do you edit your photos? :)

  8. very nice indeed :-)
    you are so sytlish...

    may I ask you what shoe size you have? they look soooo big ;-)


  9. Hi dude

    Super cool look....
    Your my favorite men-blogger...
    Check my blog and leave a comment


  10. Once again, you are so amazingly talanted Bobby. :)

  11. I want denim shirt too! Adorable combo!

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I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby