Tuesday, November 1

Bobagotchi my DIY Halloween costume!

      This is my 2011 DIY Halloween costume. This year I couldn't really think of what to be, so I decided to be something simple and on a low budget. I only spent $1 on construction paper and $2 on paint; the rest I had. Here are some photos of my process. I would be listening to 'The Cat Returns' soundtrack while painting along to this. After I had finished, I didn't have a clue what to wear it with, so I skipped down to Value Village to find a baby blue jumper! Luckily it was only $4.99 but it had a stain, so being the cheap Mexican I am, I asked for a discount. Woohoo! Anyways, can anyone guess what I am? A Tamagotchi


  1. haha, so cute :) I love the idea, it turned out great!

  2. Oh, so cute! *w*


  3. omg bobby this is so kawaii!!! nice to see a guy unafraid to be something other than scary/masculine/gory~~ you're super creative!!

  4. This made me miss the 90's when Tamagotchis are everywhere! So cute! I want my own BOBAGOTCHI!!!! <3

  5. OMG Bobby you'll never stop surprising me, will you?
    This is really amazing! and you look soo cute <3

  6. aww thank you soo much!! i love reading your comments!! <3

  7. you look really funny and amazing!
    love it!


  8. damn lovely <3


  9. Man! This is a breath of fresh air for you. So adorbz! Haha. I like your creativity and versatility. ;)

  10. hahhaha! You made me laugh out loud!
    So cool!


  11. i love it so much! your just great :)

  12. wow soo fun!
    i always lost my tamagochis ;(
    i was so upset over losing my fav purple one, it was a tamagochi dog! old school, i like! :D

    XOXO Kasia

  13. How great is this! :---D Haha, I'm laughing so hard and I can't stop it!
    I always killed my tamagochis....


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