Sunday, October 30

Skeleton Boy

Happy Halloween everyone!!! :D Over the month I've collected different skeleton parts. I never would've thought to find these skeleton dress shoes to complete my perfect outfit! Oh and thank you soo much everyone for checking out my blog, entering my giveway, and making me reach my goal of 1000 followers. By the way, it's not too late to enter if you haven't already. Just click here to enter my givaway! xo- Bobby


  1. i loved your pics, happy halloween (:

  2. thanks Igor!!! :D Happy Halloween back at cha!! <3

  3. happy hallowwen! you are so scary ! hahaa

  4. these shoes are awesome. definitely completes your look! really enjoying your blog.

  5. WOW so AMAZINGLY AWESOME! Perfect halloween costume!

  6. Love this xx

  7. wow this is so gorgeous - where did you get the costume - I really want one like this <3

  8. Coolest halloween costume ever! I love your shoes, I want 'em :--(

  9. aww thanks soo much!!! love you guys! <3

  10. wow this is amazing , Bobby :-))

  11. I close my eyes on the dance floor
    I forget about you \m/

    you are perfect! (:

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