Monday, August 15

Sail Away

 Sorry for the fact that I kind of look like a 99¢ romance novel, but my hair would be blowing in the wind during the sunset. lol, I've become a bit obsessed with wearing white on white, although I haven't done it enough this summer.These photos were taken at Los arcos de Los Cabos which is the very tip of Baja California, Mexico. I could've sworn I saw a unicorn galloping on the beach, In other words- This place is mystical! Thank you for viewing my blog! Your welcome to leave a comment or follow, all is appreciated! Much love- Bobby ♡ 


  1. You kinda remind me of Jesus in these pictures. :D

  2. ah ah-mazing love it! the pictures are really great :D

  3. Bobby beautiful view! You look great on white and everything looks magical! Score!

  4. Hi, you really amazing. I love your pictures. The graphics and shots are always amazing. I was wonderng what camera you use for shotting pictures or photoshop program? you really inspire me, thats why i visit your blog everyday. KEEP IT UP!

  5. right its anonymous from toronto!!

  6. I like this white outfit very much. I think you are right not to wear accessories with it although I love them as much as you do. The sunworshipper was also great.

    Love from Amsterdam

  7. is that.. is that... IS THAT FABIO??

  8. I agree with the first sentence "You remind me of Jesus" but this Madonna's one:))
    Sorry, are You a model?


  9. We love the style of all your post¨!
    We've just discoverd you and we already love you!
    Visit us and give us some advices!!

    No IdeA

  10. Your pictures are amazing and I really like your style ;) Great job!

    I will be so appreciated if you could check my blog :)

  11. Hello! I am a Spanish blogger, and I love your looks, and photos. I follow here and blogger. If you want, and you like my pictures, follow me. Be appreciated. Greetings from Spain: D

  12. i love this place! not forget your outfit. simple, clean <3
    call me Diiiyn!

  13. If I will a man I want to look like you *.*
    Such a good style!

  14. honey. i can't tell you enough how absolutely in love with you i am! you are going places my dear! Very great photoshoot, look forward to working together very soon! xo

    Allysa Hollywoodxo

  15. amazing photos and a stunning location! can i ask where this is?

  16. Nice hair,white outfit suites you so well that You show me peace inside.Your face just looks fantastic,why not show a pretty just once smile here..

  17. Amazing photographs! Love love love love these!



  18. haha sooorry but i just need to say this; you look freakin' hot!

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I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby