Saturday, March 12

Teenage Crime

It's been a long ride over here on my end. Even though school's been tough I've been trying hard to ignore all them "diseases" in my life. Everyone's starting to look like a bunch of blurs. Especially in the hallways where every guy wears the same baggy jeans and baseball cap. I just laugh in my head when I hear more news about someone getting mugged on campus. It's become soo casual here at Humber; I wouldn't expect any lower from these arrogant fuck ups. Atleast I could be thankful for the snow melting to rain. I find their trackings on my window amusing to watch as they fall and split into two. They remind me of a fugly couple breaking up after a fail night at lynx pub. Epic. okay, enough about my shit life- I thought it would be the perfect time for a Rebel inspired look. I finally got a studded belt that I've always wanted. It really mixes well with my biker jacket and leather bracelet. and i'm proud to say, I'm rockin' my sister's jeans. Peace! be safe everyone and don't get mugged!!


  1. you look amazing (:
    I love this outfit

  2. I think it's my fovorite look of yours!
    Like everything about it!!!

  3. Love it! Great t-shirt and bracelets!

  4. negative nancy over

  5. @Luigi ahahhaah! that's just me! ;p

  6. aww Bobby you and your style are very cute and unique (~-~ )

  7. never heard a guy say that he rocks his sisters jeans, haha! oh well, this look is still great, like I already told you! but give me that bag, it's AWESOME! <3

  8. holla :).
    rocking your sister's jeans?haha.
    at the first look, I was thinking to myself, where did he get that low rise skinny jeans & really fits his legs, then i knew it's your sister's.hehe no wonder then.
    well, yeah, you rocking it! ;)

  9. awesome photos!! studded belt is "niittivyö" in finnish :D just came into my mind... :)

  10. thank you everyone soo much!!! i love you all!!! <3

  11. Brilliant outfit! I love the combination of those two jackets! <3

  12. Love the look, my brother borrows my clothes too.

  13. WOW i love this look its very ( diggin' the tee and I always wear girls jeans...just jeans mind you and maybe a tee here and there ... again magic look..check out ym blog just started out :)


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  16. You're so bright! "... your style I like very much!
    Very interesting reading your blog. Such a lively, bright ...

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  22. Very nice outfit, Very much fashionable. Wearing ftw ring will give the final touch to this classic outfit.

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