Wednesday, January 5

Going Back in Time.

A look inspired by forgotten memories & long lost treasures of the past. I take a quick visit to my favorite place called "Dis-a Ray Antiques & Collectables" during my last days of Guelph to shoot my latest vintage inspired look. This post is dedicated to my friend Olivia Harrison who I've been talking to about this really interesting store that carries some of the most unique, eye-catching items you'll ever see! Each item has such a unique story from the past that makes it even more special. This store means so much to me as I do get a lot of my inspiration from here! I also buy many of my props that I use for photoshoots here! I also need to thank the owner Ray for being so kind and letting me take these photos. If you ever visit Guelph I highly recommend checking it out! xxo -Bobby


  1. Love this look and love the photos!

  2. @Werunia B. thank you so much!! it means a lot! <3 xox

  3. @Violetta E. hey my love!! thanks for checking out my blog! & i'm glad you like the pics!! i knew you would appreciate them! xoxo <3

  4. Wonderful, I really love the pictures, not only the ones of your outfit..

  5. As always awesome look! And great photos!

  6. i come across to your blog on the, and I have to say that it is really perfect blog, your outfits, fotos everything is very nice. And your last post has similar title like my last post. I like antiques and vintage things very much so I really enjoy your post and blog:)

  7. ahh i really love this look! you look amazing :) really loving those shoes :)

  8. what a lovely post! you look really good in that outfit, and just gotta LOVE those photos of old books etc! your blog is just full of inspiration for me.

  9. You are gorgeous. Much love, x

  10. Great photos! Antique stores always have amazing pieces that you'd never find in mainstream stores now. It's great that you use antique stores as inspiration. So cool!

    Alexa @ VPV

  11. Great pics!! You got many fantastic looks and I just love your hair!! :)

  12. bobby!! omg you look stunning! i'm glad to see you are doing great and still doing what you love most! i hope you remember me. from myspace time i think! love, evan.

  13. Te encontré en lookbook y enseguida me enamore de ti XD me encantan todas tus fotos son preciosas y tienen algo en especial :D

    te sigo el blog es único! un beso desde España :P

  14. this look is just inspiring.
    Always amazing look you have Mr. Bobby <3

  15. Love this look. I wrote a short post about you in my blog, check this out ;>

  16. Superb outfit! and great pics ;)

  17. you have GREAT style and such amazing pictures.

    you've got yourself a new follower.


  18. The outfit is beautiful. I love it!

  19. I love this outfit with the suspenders.x

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I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby